The Side Events

The side events at the Vans rebeljam are always special. This year we are loking forward to some amazing side events to celebrate the true spirit of the rebeljam...

After the first day of practice we will make our way to the House of Vans London to celebrate 21 years of BMX photography, art and design, as seen on the pages of DIG Magazine over 99 issues since 1993. After the art show we will see a special screening of the long anticipated video Brighton Aint Ready. The side events on Friday the 21. November will start at 08:00pm at the House of Vans London.

After the finals on Saturday we will head back to the House of Vans and party the night away. The after party is supported by Red Bull and the House of Vans will be the perfect loctaion to celebrate the 2014 Vans rebeljam!