Simone Barraco Interview

World traveller Simone Barraco will make his way from southern Europe to London, UK to ride the Vans rebeljam. Simone is one of Europe's most talented street riders with big tricks and lots of style. We sat together with Simone to chat a little bit about BMX, travels and the rebeljam...

Name: Simone Barraco
Age: 23
Hometown: Genova, Italy but now I'm living in BCN
Sponsors: Red Bull - Nike - Shadow - Subrosa

You travel a whole bunch. How much time did you spend at home in Italy this year?
Simone: In Italy probably just a week this year, and I'm going back for Christmas. In Barcelona where I live now ...probably 3 months total

BMX gets you around, you get to see new places and meet new people. What are some of the cool spots you visited and rode at in 2014?
Simone: Yes it's amazing...I've been to Japan for my first time this year and I really liked it! Such a cool place with lots of different things to see

Was the rebeljam in Portugal your first edition of the event?
Simone: Yes, I remember it was super fun! Then I went to the one in Holland I think the year after which was great too.

What did you think back then about BMX, and how do you look at it now?
Simone: It still is the most fun thing I do..The only thing that changed is after it brought me to so many places and I got to meet so many good friends, I'm even more thankfull.

Hanging out with your friends is a big part of BMX. How many of your buddies will come to London for the rebeljam?
Simone: Most of the times, especially in contests overseas, none of my friends from Italy or Spain would come, but this year at rebeljam it will be different..I know some good friends from Italy are coming. One is going to ride (Davide Altobelli), the others are just gonna ride the party! Also, I'm gonna fly from BCN with Courage Adams and Mati Lasgoity which is gonna be more fun!

What do you think of the rebeljam course this year?
Simone: It looks fun and similar to the Munich Mash course which was one of the best street courses ever. Can't wait to ride it with all my friends.

When are you getting into town?
Simone: The 20th in the morning. It's gonna be a good weekend!

Any shout outs?
Simone: Everyone who's making this event possible and my sponsors for sending me over! See u guys there.

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