Scott Ditchburn Interview

Roughly one week to go until the Vans rebeljam kicks off in London, UK. Time to talk to one of England's best street riders: Scott Ditchburn!

Name: Scott Ditchburn
Hometown: Flint North Wales
Sponsors: Subrosa brand, The Shadow Conspiracy, Lotek shoes

The rebeljam is coming to London with a street only contest. Who would have ever though. Stoked on that?
Scott: Yeah man I'm always stoked to get the invite to rebeljam the last one I went to was in Spain on a crazy holiday resort an the street course was a lot smaller so this year should be a lot different and a lot more fun for the street riders

66 Pro riders will be shredding a set-up designed by Brian Kachinsky. Is that something you don't want to miss?
Scott: I never had the chance to ride the Bakery so getting to ride a course BK designed is probably the closest I'm going to get to that! So yes I really don't wanna miss this one .

Looks like a Shadow Conspiracy coffin will be on the course. Have you ever looked inside to see who's in it?
Scott: It's me! In the future when I'm dead! Those things are also time machines to all the Shadow riders graves in the future I think Trey Jones has the one at Simple Session an Simone's in the one at Sparkys an the one in London is mine it's pretty comfy.

It's a real street set up with a lot of rails. Do you have a new trick you want to try?
Scott: I always have new tricks that I want to try. Hopefully everything feels good on the course an I can get a few of them ticked off my trick list whilst I'm there

Next to the comp there will be some video premieres, photo art show and an afterparty to celebrate BMX. Sounds like a good time to you?
Scott: I wouldn't miss a video made by my fellow Subrosa rider richard Forne he's weird and makes amazing videos and I'm sure you know I'll be at the after party!

Any shout outs to anyone?
Scott: Fuck yeah shouts to Ryan at Subrosa, Ronnie at Shadow, Rich Hirsch at Lotek. Stu, Colin and Ant at Seventies and obviously the Zeiss for asking me to come to this contest - thanks dudes

Pictures - Ricky Adam - Dig BMX - Interview by BDJ -