Bruno Hoffmann Interview

Vans rider Bruno Hoffmann is up next for our little rebeljam interviews. The German tech king is known for his unique and stylish tricks. We can't wait to see what Bruno has up his sleeve for the rebeljam course...

Name: Bruno hoffmann
Age: 21
Hometown: Frankfurt, Germany
Sponsors: Federal Bikes, Vans, Redbull, DUB, Trip , Parano Garage

It looks like most of your main sponsors are sponsoring the rebeljam. Does that motivate you to do well?
Bruno: Not really, I wouldn't say I'm more or less motivated because certain companies sponsor the contest. I'm just looking forward to see everyone. 

When was the first time you rode at a rebeljam. Back in Berlin already?
Bruno: Yeah I think I even went to watch the first rebeljam in Berlin's Mellowpark. I still can remember it, and to this point I haven't seen a jam like this before. 

What do you like about rebeljam events?
Bruno: I guess the overall vibe, the courses and obviously the people. 

Most of the side activities are at the House Of Vans. What do you think of that facility?
Bruno: I think it's awesome to have such a big place in the center of London. Will be good to know where to go every night of the jam, too. 

What do you think about the street course this year?
Bruno: I think it Looks amazing! And since BK already did an awesome job in Munich I'm sure everyone will be stoked once we can ride it. 

Who do you think will bring some hammers?
Bruno: Seriously everyone, obviously Garrett, AK, Ty, Dak, Lacey, Donnachie. Its gonna be mental!

Looking forward to a good time?
Bruno: Haha, yes I do!! See you all on Thursday!!

Interview by BDJ -

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